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Da Vinci Code

You were hired to steal Leonardo Da Vinci’s last book, "The Necronomicon" – The Book of  the Dead. The book is hidden in the old Manor, now converted into a private museum. The owner is an eccentric millionaire who had to leave his house. You broke in but unfortunately things went wrong because the owner set up a few traps and the doors were accidentally locked.

You have 60 minutes to not only steal the book but also  escape from the Manor.


Sherlock Holmes, while working on his very last case, was kidnapped! Before it happened, however, he managed to solve it, but was so disturbed by what he found out that he hid it in his room and created many clues to help someone else solve the mystery. Being in rush, he left the room in a mess.

Will you be able to sort things out, solve the mystery and leave the room before the kidnappers get back?



Se7en. This is the number of sins. This is the number of victims, which reaches the wrath of his chosen one.. This is the number of ways of taking the life that he chooses. This is the number of days in a week in the life of the rainy city. And this is the number of the room that you will be trying to escape from, exploring the inner recesses of the mind of the madman. But are you sure he is mad? Or maybe crazy is the road which leads to your lucky escape?

Find the sins, find the murderer, find the way out, escape ... or stay forever.



It's Chernobyl, 1986. Sergeant Major Viktor Dombrovski has gone AWOL, timed a bomb to detonate in 60 minutes and fled his underground bunker that resides under one of Chernobyls largest radioactive reactors.

You have one hour to save the city from disaster.



"I open my eyes. It feels like a déjà vu. Have I been here before, or was it a dream? What is this place? The clock is tickin' – why? A countdown to what? What is all this about? The door is locked? How can I unlock it? Time is flyin'.. So many keys, so many riddles..I need to get out of here and I only have 60 minutes..."
Asylroom – Escape the Room – Galway is an immersive experience where a group of people are locked in one of the theme rooms and have to find their way out by solving the mystery... in 60 minutes.

The 'Escape the Room' concept is a new form of entertainment. It's like a computer adventure game - except it's the real thing!

We have four rooms available: Sherlocked, Se7en Sins, Da Vinci Code & Chernobyl. All of them are about the same level of difficulty so don’t be afraid to choose any - or you can ask for a recommendation.

Get your family, friends, team mates or colleagues and do it! Great fun is guaranteed. No one will be disappointed! Check out our facebook profile and see hundreds of lucky teams who were able to escape.

Good luck !


Stag & Hen party

Why not warm up for your big night out at Asylroom? Joining forces to escape from the room will strengthen your bond and give you a lot to laugh about on your “last night out”. If you have any 'crazy suggestions' or would like to tailor the escape to your party theme, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Birthday party

Are you looking for an unforgettable birthday party for you or your kids? You're certainly too old for one of those 'play centres' - maybe your kid is too! We can help organize the party, and as part of the fun, we can hide the presents - and even the cake - in places they'll have to think hard to find. In a hi-tech world of screens, tablets and mobiles, leave them behind and challenge those little grey cells. And you can use our event room for the party afterwards.

Gift voucher

Looking for a gift idea? Why not buy a gift voucher for one of our rooms? The escape experience will delight family & friends and challenge young & old! Call or email us to discuss what would suit your needs best, and then we'll send you the voucher in the post.

Photography Studio for rent

Professional photography studio for rent in Galway.
In 300 years old building located in the heart of old Galway, you can have an unique opportunity to rent the one of its kind professional photography studio equipped with all sophisticated equipment which let you to take amazing pictures. More over a professional well known Galway photographer Oskar Boral will be more than happy to assist you.

Team Building

Escape the Room is an original concept for an ice-breaking activity for your employees, your new team – or your old bunch of mates. The task for your team of 2-8 people is to escape from a locked room by using hints and clues that are hidden within it. To solve the riddles your employees have to work as a team. The game provides additional information about the way your employees work with each other and what roles they assume in the group.
The advantage of Escape the Room over typical corporate psychotests is the fact that identification of team roles and observation of people's behaviour is carried out in real life, in natural circumstances and under pressure of time. The game can shed a new light on the candidates’ personality traits and their attitude to work.
Currently for your disposal there are three rooms that can fit 20 people simultaneously You can either use readymade scenarios or we can tailor them according to your needs.


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Our Team




Professional photographer, man of all trades & frontman of the team in Asylroom.



Co – founder

Creative Director and Social Media Manager, also CFO of Asylroom.


60 min
  • Superb for the first date
  • Any room
  • 2 people only
60 min
  • Superb for groups of friends
  • Sherlocked, Se7en Sins or Chernobyl
  • Up to 6 people
All in
60 min
  • Superb for parties
  • Da Vinci room
  • Up to 8 people


What is escape the room about?
Escape the room is a worldwide phenomenon in recent years. It is computer game converted into reality. Players are locked in the room and have to escape within 60 minutes. They need to find hints which will lead them to the door key. To get out of the room they have to solve many riddles, perform manual tasks and work as a team.
How many people can play?
The minimum number of people is 2 however we recommend to come with 4-8 for a better craic.
Sherlocked can fit max 6ppl
Se7en Sins can fit max 6 ppl
Da Vinci Code can fit max 8 ppl
How to book the room?
Please select bookings from upper menu than choose the room, day and hour, enter your details and click book now.
Once you submit we will get back to you as soon as possible with official confirmation.
How long is the game?
The game last 60 minutes but we hope you will escape sooner.
Who can play?
There is no age limit for both SHerlocked and Da Vinci Code. Both teenagers and adults have a lot of fun.
The minimum age for Se7en Sins is 14.


+353 (0) 85 220 65 13
60 Dominick Street Lower, Galway